Latvian shorts at Doms courtyard

This programme compiles Latvian experimental shorts and is created specially for Riga Dome Church courtyard to honor its architectural and spiritual identity. The programme is a 50-minutes long visual and emotional journey into the great recent Latvian short films and video art.

1. System, Armands Začs, documental/experimental short, Latvia, 2010, 13’
 Experimentally documental view on the world connected in united and continuous system.

2. Good Luck, Katrīna Neiburga, documental/experimental short, Latvia, 2008, 8’
This work has been created for an exhibition in Riga airport. It was shown on airport screens, where among airport information the old people where giving their wishes and advice to people.

3. Extreme Fugue For One Voice. Laima, Ieva Epnere, experimental short, Latvia, 2013, 4’
In Extreme Fugue of One Voice. Laima (2013) she subtly portrays a singer giving a virtuosic rendition of a contemporary vocal composition. This experience transforms her body into an instrument beyond any diva-like performance.

4. ...and to Dust We Shall Return, Ieva Balode, experimental short, Latvia, 2011, 8’
Human always tends to avoid any kind of unexpected changes in his life, even if he wants them - it is always a painful and uncomfortable process which can least from one week to one year or even more. What if someone gives us an opportunity to watch how our own apartment turns into ashes? Maybe it could give some other quality to it.

5. The Training, Askolds Saulītis, documental/experimental short, Latvia, 2012, 5’
This is a story of a fight between Good and Evil, of the youth triumphing over the old and experience gained in life. These eternal truths reveal themselves in the eyes of a human - the mirror of the soul. The film as an original work of art combines cinematography, music by Igor Stravinsky and martial art – judo which manifests itself in an expressive choreography. „The Rite of Spring”, a ballet by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, premiered in Paris on May 29, 1913,. Parisians were shocked and booed it. Later on the ballet was staged by Pina Bausch, Heddy Maalem and the Royal Ballet in London. „The Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky was one of 27 pieces of music that was recorded on the golden disc of the NASA space probe VOYAGER in 1977. In 1990 VOYAGER left the Solar system, travelling towards alien civilizations outside the Solar system.

6. Mer, Linda Konone, video, Latvia, 2011, 7'
It is an experimental project where video artists were making “video clips” for Latvian contemporary music. The composer of this piece is RaimondsTiguls. The main idea of the video is to play with a movement.

7. Bride’s Farewell, Inese Vēriņa, experimental, Latvia, 2014, 8’
A young woman is walking through the night accompanied only by her song. The sun rises while darkness slowly fades.