Short Dutch

Do you want to watch some great shorts but the 2ANNAS festival seems so far away? Come and watch the ''Short Dutch'' programme with us now!

On Saturday March 22 2ANNAS will screen 7 recently made experimental shorts from the Netherlands. The programme is selected by the EYE Film Institute Netherlands curator Marta Jurkiewicz, and all the films are exploring the question of THE OTHER in the content as well as the form. The screening will take place in Riga Film Museum, Peitavas street 10 (Old Town). 

The screening will be attended by the director of ''Motor'', Simone Bennett. After the screening, together with her we will try to understand the other in experimental cinema in a cozy setting. The conversation will be in English.

The programme consists of the following films:

"Order of Service" (experimental, documentary), 7', 2012

In the 16th century the reformation takes place in Western Europe. The reformed church that arises from this reformation holds on tight to sober traditions, rituals and dogmas. It has developed into an institute that forms believing into organised religion. And specifies how christianity should be experienced.
This film is build up from internet-broadcasts of services of the reformed church of Spakenburg Noord.

Direction, Camera: Henk Otte

"The Living Room" (experimental), 8', 2011

The private atmosphere of the living room is interrupted by the disturbing presence of a large oak tree that slowly enters the room. Close-ups of different kinds of furniture, potted plants, souvenirs and other personal belongings are carefully depicted. No longer protected from the outside by the thin sheets of glass, the vacuum is broken when the large oak tree enters the room, confronting the viewer with the impact this has to the three and the home. Being both realistic and absurd, the confrontation between the two raises questions about the meaning and symbolism of the tree and the private domain, and its representational aspects towards the outside world.

Director: Roderick Hietbrink

"Tampopo and the Name of the Dogs'' (experimental), 17' 30'', 2011

Tampopo Head and the Name of the Dogs is a fictional film, derived from a personal interest on the lives of the filmmaker’s former neighbours, Hilko and Ed. The fairytale-like narrative and romantic images of the film are inspired by daily experiences and conversations. Recreated together with imaginary elements alongside an interpretation about human-canine relationship, the film explores the melancholic acts of humans to project their emotion onto dogs. A reflection and contemplation of love in human relationships.

Written and Directed by Toshie Takeuchi

''Crosscuts'' (experimental, animation), 4', 2011

Crosscuts is a fast paced animated film that takes you on a visual journey through an urban landscape. Combining photography and video, it throws the conventional cinematic approach to time and place overboard, replacing our routinely functional and straightforward way of looking at things with an associative and multiplex view.

Script, director, production, music, editing: Tijmen Hauer, Regina Kelaita

''The Ill-mannered Milkman" (experimental), 15', 2013

Teddy Milks is a motorbike rider with little to no talent. His claim to fame is the odd circumstance that he sweats milk. Teddy 'the milkman' Milks.
He does his best to ignore this fact and to keep the myth of a motorbike champion alive.

Together with his trainer Kent he set up camp. Away from the buzz around his person, in the outskirts of town. where industry fades into nature.
They living the dream and trying to avoid waking up.

Director: Willehad Eilers

"Motor" (experimental, fiction), 9', 2012

Motor is a short film/music piece about how paranoia spreads like a virus. We follow the secretive behaviour of a group of seven inhabitants of an apartment building. Inside sadness seeps through the walls, while outside, fear escalates like burning flames.

Written and Directed by Simone Bennett

''Birth Of A Nation" (experimental, documentary), 10’, 2010

At a cadet school in Moscow (the only one in the world), girls from 11 to 17 years are trained to grow as an ideal citizen of the homeland. Here the girls learn how to sew, march, cook, sing, shoot, how to use make up and how to prepare for military action. Even more than being trained as a good patriot, the aim is to become an ideal woman. Through six separate images the maker decomposes the various ‘characters’ from which this ideal woman made up. Cahen's film is a sequel in her research in the increasing patriotism among Russian youth.

Directing, editing: Daya Cahen


The Dutch Short Film Afternoon is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Latvia.

And - very important - there is no entrance fee! We will provide great films in a very pleasant company with a nice discussion afterwards, you just have to come!

Met vriendelijke groet,