Now we know the best short film of 2ANNAS PROJECTOR 2017!

Finally that day has arrived when all the participants of 2ANNAS Projector 2017 film making workshops could come together and present the short movies they have made and share the experiences of their first steps in cinema. Joint vote showed the winning short film of 2ANNAS Projector 2017! Convincingly it became Talsu Valsts Gymnasium command and their short film "Can I please go out?". This short film finally gives the answer to the old question, "Why do girls always go to the bathroom together?". Comments for the 1st place winner came as "it’s real life" and "exaggerated, but funny", but in the near future you will be able to see it for yourself in Riga TV24 and Re:TV broadcasts.
2ANNAS Projector 2017 2nd place goes to second Talsu Valsts Gymnasium team with their short film about the choices we make in life "Wrong Sequence" and it is closely followed by 3rd place winners - Tukums 2. secondary school team with their intense short film "Where is she?".

Thanks to schools and youth centers for responsiveness and participation in 2ANNAS PROJECTOR 2017!
Aizpute youth "IDEAS HOUSE"
Aizpute Secondary School
Talsu Valsts Gymnasium
Tukuma 2.Secondary School
Tukuma Raiņa Gymnasium
Jekabpils Valsts Gymnasium
Ludzas BJC
Ludza Gymnasium

Thanks to film director Reinis Spaile and camera man Jānis Indriks for cooperation and sharing their professional experiences with the younger generation.
Our team, as always, is sure that the short film is a good way to convey your message.
And short film once will save the world.

Thanks to our supporters: Valsts Kultūrkapitāla fonds, BB Rental, VFS Films, Rīga TV24, Re:TV, Pure Chocolate Museum, Aizpute youth "IDEAS HOUSE", Tehniskās jaunrades nams “Annas 2” un Virtuālā Studija ”URGA”.

Have spring in your heart and new ideas for short film!