2ANNAS 2014

The festival's schedule per each day can be found under FESTIVAL SCHEDULE. 2ANNAS'14 PROGRAMME includes information about all the focus programmes and competition programmes. 2ANNAS'14 is about all the special events that happen during 2ANNAS festival this year, including special guest programmes, workshop and events outside the film theater.


The prices for the festival's screenings are very democratic and the same as the usual price for the chosen screening venues.

For the opening screening at Splendid Palace the full price is 4 EUR, with the discount: 3 EUR.

For KSuns the full price is 4,30 EUR, with the discount: 3 EUR.

For the screening at Latvian National Library the full price is 3 EUR, the discount price: 1 EUR.

For screenings at Kaņepes Kultūras centrs the price is 3,5 EUR.