2ANNAS 2013 did much, but 2ANNAS 2014 will create wonders

For 2ANNAS it was great year, we gained significant number of friends in Latvia and in foreign countries, too. In year there were displayed Latvian and European film screenings in regions of Latvia and in Riga, also we organized marathon of short-film selection in K-Suns cinema, screenings in Celebration of Miera iela, in festivals: LabaDaba, Positivus, Survival Kit, in Belgium Days in Riga, also in 2013 final party Kaput of Dirty Deal Audio, of course, we were in foreign countries, too, in Brussels, Bulgaria, Tallinn and Poland etc.. 2ANNAS represented Latvian film industry in organization of Baltic Pitching Forum, also in film festivals organization worksops in Finland – Tampere, Poland – Bialystok, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and in Lithuania and Estonia.
In process of festival, when we offered films of the avant-garde and nowadays harsh reality in documentary, 2ANNAS expanded woman and feminism in discussions and outside of competition programme, also we focussed on the screen as artistic content media in live video (visual – audio) performance project VJ Take the Lead.

In reference of Cineuropa home page request, 2ANNAS nominated the best 5 short-films of this year's competition:

  • Mystery (Misterio), Chema García Ibarra, Spain
  • Plug & Play (Iespraud un spēlē), Michael Frei, animation, Switzerland
  • The Mass of Men, Gabriel Gauchet, UK
  • Oh Willy… Emma De Swaef & Marc James Roels, Belgium
  • The Maggot Feeder (Ussinuumaja / Tārpu barotājs), Priit Tender, Estonia

We will continue to bless our friends, 2ANNAS in 2014 will offer fresh outstanding short-films, special historical and contemporary programmes topical programmes, also we will reveal full-length film contest, where we will find new ways of expression!
Shortly 2ANNAS will announce Open Call 2014 for submission in categories of short-films and full-length films. We know that we are elusively fast and productive festival, but follow our news for being best informed in contemporary cinema arts.