World shorts at Doms courtyard

Four short films - each of them excite and touches you, reveiling stories from different points of view. The screening will show three of the most awarded short films in the world from the past few years, as well as this year's biggest discovery - the short film "Butter Lamp".

The Mass of Men, Gabriel Gauchet, fiction, UK, 2012, 17''

Richard, an unemployed 55-year-old, arrives 3 minutes late for his appointment at a job centre. An advisor, stifled by the limits of the system she works in, has no choice but to penalize him for his tardiness. To avoid plunging further into destitution, Richard takes desperate measures.

Butter Lamp, Hu Wei, fiction, France/China, 2013, 16''

A photographer weaves unique links among nomadic families.

Misterio, Chema Garcia, fiction, Spain, 2012, 12’’

They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin talk.

Marc Jacobs, Sam de Jong, fiction,Germany, 2014, 15’’

A short film about a young boy living in Amsterdam Noord who longs to go on holiday to Morocco with his father.