Shakespeare shorts at Doms courtyard

Wrapping up the series of four outdoor screenings at the Riga Doms courtyard, 2ANNAS will demonstrate short films based of the plays of the English playwright William Shakespeare. Before each film the curator will give a brief synopsis of each play and how it's been tranfered to the short film genre.

We Happy Few, UK, 2011, director: Geof Wolfenden, 4 min

A comical short film about that uses an inspirational epic speech to inspire its characters for different kinds of heroism. 

Henry V, UK, 2012, director: Billy Steel, 4 min

A short film that takes a different approach to Shakespeare's iconic war time speech. Instead of the noble King on horse back, we find Henry alone, plagued by doubt and anxiety. Rather than his men, it is himself in which he must inspire the courage he needs to face the challenges ahead.

Shrew’d, UK, 2014, director: Kit Proser, 7 min

We join Petruchio and Kate in the University Library at their first meeting. Petruchio has accepted the bet to make her his and tries to make his move...

Mano a Mano, France, 2014, director: Nicolas Bellaiche, 9 min

Mano a Mano is a variation on Romeo and Juliet with hands being the protagonists. The scene takes place in Marseille instead of Verona and tells, without any dialog, the shakespearian drama thanks to mimes, sounds, and accessories. A strange and poetic universe where parody and tragedy are put together.

Much Ado about Nothing, UK, 2013, director: Natalie-Anne Downs, 11 min

A brief moment between Benedick and Beatrice, from William Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing', played out in a modern setting.