2ANNAS IFF 2017 Tickets on sale

2ANNAS IFF, have gathered some of the best short films of the world's most prestigious cinema competitions and still undiscovered cinema masterpieces.

Tickets to all movie contests are on sale!

60 powerful short films in 4 competitions - this year we selected our favourites from 4,500 applications received from 120 countries. 


*International Short Film Competition: "My body, Your body", "Imperfect society", "Fighting games", "Intense and complicated" and "Like a dream"
*International Mid-length Competition: "Inside out" and "Purgatory"
*International Children's Short Film Competition "Labyrinth of worlds" (5+)
*International Junior Short Film Competition "And we try" (12+)
*Baltic Short Film Competition "Horses, Camels and others" and "We have a story to tell"

See you at the festival!