White Night

This year during White Night 2ANNAS will screen all the Latvian short films submitted for the Baltic competition programme this year. 39 films in total, which range from hybrid films to experimental, animation, documentary and fiction, will be screened at two different venues: Splendid Palace and KSuns. 

The programme at Splendid Palace will start at 18:00 and will run until 3:00, and at the beginning of each hour ''A Trip to the Moon'' will be screened. 
The programme at KSuns will start at 23:00 and will run until 3:00 as well.

At the same time, pub ''Andalūzijas suns'' will offer shelter to those who are exhausted from the cultural riches of White Night. The tired visitors will be able to recharge their batteries by listening to DJ Roberts Gobziņš and enjoying the VJ performance of Linda Konone. 

Entrance - free!