In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the republics of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, this year the festival's motto is CITIZENS. Within the framework of this theme, various programs examine the issues of national identity, the interaction between the individual and the state apparatus, political manipulation, as well as the breaking points of states – revolutions. Since belonging to a country is still tied to specific cultural values ​​and traditions, several programs focus on showing this phenomenon on the big screen. The curator of the Latvian film program, Kristīne Matīsa, has drafted a program that analyzes the presentation of being Latvian within films from a historical and a contemporary point of view.
Both the Tampere Festival director Jukka-Pekka Laasko and Manifesto Festival curators, Alexandras Nakelski and Jack Brindelli, programs allow you to look at the issue of citizenship and nationality and civil responsibility with a slightly ironic view. This delicate humorous additive makes it a bit distant from what is currently happening, and it is very necessary in today's situation, when nationalism is being revived in Western Europe.
Programs Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia – 100 have been created to celebrate the anniversaries of the Baltic States, and they are collections of the most striking short films from these countries that have been made over the last decade. Each program starts with a single classic short film, which is considered as an iconic short film.
A cinema music concert is opening the event for the sixth consecutive year. This year, in honor of Latvia's special birthday, the Latvian Radio Choir recreates the feature film Lāčplēsis by Aleksandrs Rusteiķis that was filmed in 1930. The film was a very ambitious and impressive project for that period of time and it tried to define the Latvian national identity by speaking about the mythical hero.
The film program will be complemented by intense discussions, interesting lectures and thematic evening events!

The team of 2ANNAS