About festival

This year Riga International Film festival 2ANNAS is celebrating its 23rd anniversary. The international short film competition offers a selection of innovative, provocative and socially active short and mid-length films. 2ANNAS is proud of its status as a high-quality film explorer. 2ANNAS exists in a world where short films are not only the first step to a feature film but a deliberate decision that results in a superior piece of art. Another 2ANNAS characteristic next to its ground-breaking content is its unique shape: the festival is famous for wild parties in unusual locations, free-spirited atmosphere, and creative expressions. We are proud to announce that this year we have received more than 3000 films from which about 68 will be selected in four categories: International Short Film Competition, Baltic Short Film Competition, International Mid-length Film Competition and for the first time in 2ANNAS IFF - International Children's Short Film Competition. In total, 154 films from 44 countries will be available at the festival this year.

From 2013 we have invented a new tradition among European film festivals - we create our film program focusing on specific themes. Themes that we research and discuss all year long and during the festival (at the end of autumn) we organize non-competition screenings, shows, discussions, and special events. 2ANNAS 2017 chosen theme was - OUTSIDERS - people who voluntarily or involuntarily are living differently than the rest of society. The films will give a chance to experience an alternative form of living, explore a queer culture and see the stories of those who are living by they own rules, who have a different appearance or who have chosen to live nearby nature.

During the year 2ANNAS organize open discussions between audience and filmmakers, participate in different cultural events, for example, music and art festivals “Pagalms”, “Positivus”, international music festival “LabaDaba”, democracy festival “Lampa”, modern cultural forum “Baltā nakts”, etc. Each year we go on tour trough Latvia and show the best movies from the previous year.

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